Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Dad & Daughter Documentary Time: I.O.U.S.A.

Movie watch time: 9/30/2011 evening

Dad's questions:

Q: How do you rate the movie?

Vania: 9.5/10. I can understand most of the movie, but not all of them. But the movie is very good.

Q: Why does United States own such a great number of debts?

Vania: They keep borrowing and borrowing money. Sooner or later their lenders will ask for the money back.

Q: Who should take the most responsibility of letting Unites States own such a great deal of debts?

Vania: The president. All the presidents.

Q: How do you think of the relation between United States and China by watching this documentary?

Vania: America borrows a lot of money from China. It looks like China is the most successful business in the world. If China pulls out, the economy of United States will be dropped significantly.

Q: Do you trust that our current leadership might be able to solve this debt problem?

Vania: I do not really know. I think I should trust. But I do not know whether I trust it exactly.

Q: What do you suggest for us as the individuals to do to prepare for that the national debts seemly increase indefinitely into the future?

Vania: Save money: A LOT OF MONEY.

Q: May you point out some shortcoming of how the director had conducted the movie? What may you do to make the movie even better?

Vania: Maybe he should explain the issue to be more friendly to kids.

Daugher's quesitons:

Q: How do you rate the movie?

Dad: 6/10. The director obviously tried to make some unbalanced argument. Although it is true that United States have borrowed a lot of money from the foreign nations, it is different from a person borrowing money from another person. The director avoided a critical issue in the debate. That is, what is the role of US dollar in the whole world economy. Much of the debts is due to the demand of US dollar from the foreign nations in contrast to United States borrowing money to sustain its own economy.

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