Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Dad & Daughter Documentary Time: Made In China

Movie watch time: 10/29/2011 evening

Dad's questions:

Q: What is the theme of the documentary? Why is it titled "Made in China"?

Vania: The movie is about a guy searching for his father's past in China. The title is because his father was born in China.

Q: How do you compare the contemporary China to the old China in movie?

Vania: The contemporary China is more wealthy. More people move to live in big cities. The old China has more problems such as the Japanese bombing.

Q: Comparatively, you are "Made in America". How do you think of the Chinese heritage in your blood?

Vania: I am fine of being made in America. I have not thought a lot of my Chinese heritage.

Q: What is the most impressive scene in the movie to you?

Vania: How the movie director has dedicated to the mission.

Daughter's Questions:

Q: How do you rate the movie?

Dad: I like the movie. It contains many pictures and videos of the old China. I feel I have learned a lot of the past of my own ancestors.

Q: How do you like the new China?

Dad: In new China people certainly have lived much better than in old China. But still, people do not have much freedom of thinking. Most importantly, many contemporary Chinese do not even know that they are taken off the ability of free thinking by the education system. This is probably the saddest side of the contemporary China.

Q: How do you compare China to America?

Dad: China has much longer history than America. Chinese people often think things more throughout than Americans. But due to the same reason Chinese people are less creative than Americans because creation often means take more risk and make more mistakes.

Weekend Dad & Daughter Documentary Time: E2 the economies of being environmentally conscious | PBS

Movie watch time: 10/16/2011 -- 10/23/2011 A series of 6 episodes

Dad's questions:

Q: How do you think of the renewable energy comparing to the traditional fossil fuel after watching this documentary series?

Vania: Renewable energy is good for environment. We must try to have more renewable energy replace the use of fossil fuel.

Q: Which type of the renewable energy do you think that fit best in Arizona?

Vania: Solar energy. In Arizona we have a lot of sunlight all year long.

Daughter's Questions:

Q: How do you rate the series?

Dad: The series is illuminating. It shows us how the renewable energy has gradually entered our regular life and becomes part of the mainstream economy. I think we shall have our house installed the solar water heaters. It will be good for the environment and saves us money.