Friday, January 28, 2011

R,I.P. My "Blue Pen"

Vania's R.I.P. message for her favorite Blue Pen.

Here lies "Blue pen" my favorite pen.
Born ? --- Jan 14, Friday, 2011

May he rest in peace. His ink is gone, but his body remains.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like the super Mario Kart for Nintendo Ds. It has multiplayer and single player races. It also has extras like boosters for the karts. My 3 reasons are because I do all my homework, I have bought gifts for my best friends, and the last one is that I am always loyal to my friends.

I always do my homework and always get it done. I keep doing it no mader what. Maybe i'll stop just to sleep, but nothing else. So I can keep going. I have my mom (and dad sometimes) to keep me up. I am really good at doing my homework so I can get a good grade (and presents now!).

My second reason is that I bought gifts for my best friends. It took me sometime and I am still going to wrap them up! I picked out two books for them. I picked them just to there style so they will like it very much. Now do you see why I shoud have my present!

My thrid reason is that I am always loyal to my friends. I gave the vampireology to Kate to read just like I said. Also the gifts I gave my friends. At the games I play, I always play fair (well, maybe sometimes I have cheats.).

Well, that's all my reasons I was good this year. To me, think I had some good reasons. I think I should get the gift. Remember I was very good this year!

comment by dad: This is one of Vania's homework before Christmas. Very funny. Some typos are kept as they are in the original text.